Below lists the various story arcs of the series thus far. The story's below follow the Light Novels, and as such events may differ from the Anime equivelant.

Arrival in the Sengoku Period ArcEdit

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Sagara Yoshiharu finds himself waking up in the Sengoku period under unknown circombstances, in the middle of a battlefield no less. He runs away from the fighting only to land himself in Imagawa Yoshimoto's camp and attacked by the vassel Motoyasu Matsudaira, the funny thing is, the historic figure he remembered have been replaced by two young girls. After being rescued from Motoyasu by a strange old man trying to defect and join Oda, Yoshiharu agrees to come with him, their shared objective being to become lords with castles and a harem of girls. However, Yoshiharu is soon shocked, not only to see the man die, but to relise in the man's dying moments that he was in fact Kinoshita Toukichirou, the man destined to become Toyotomi Hideyoshi and unify Japan after Oda.

Invasion of Mino ArcEdit

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This is the second arc in the series and follows the events of the second Light Novel. Following the events of the previous novel Nobuna and her retainers attempt to take the territory of Mino from Saitou Yoshitatsu, however they are repelled frequently by his strategist, Hanbei Takenaka. Another warlord, Azai Nagamasa, offers to help Nobuna to achieve this goal, but would force her to marry him as a result of their alliance

Kyoto ArcEdit

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Following the Miyoshi Three's actions the Ashikage Shogunate have been expelled from the country. Nobuna now journeys to Kyoto to place Imagawa Yoshimoto in the absent shogun's seat, thus justifying her campeign to unite the land. However, Kampaku Konoa Sakihisa refuses to allow it and gives Nobuna a rediculous trial in order to accomplish her goal. To make for an even bigger headache, Yoshiharu is challenged by his junior, Akechi Mitsuhide, who intends to take his spot at Nobuna's side.

Retreat at Kanegasaki ArcEdit

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Following the events of the previous Arc Yoshiharu must escape from the advancing armies of the Azai and Asakura clans with a small and fairly feeble force at his disposal, meanwhile, Nobuna is shot down by the same mercenary who targetted her before, Sugitani Zenjuurou. The situation is made all the more complicated when Yoshiharu faces an Onmyouji on the enemy's side.

Tiger of Kai ArcEdit

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The Tiger of Kai makes her way to Mino, her goal: Kyoto. Meanwhile the Azai-Asakura Alliance continues to look for any chance to invade Nobuna's lands. In the middle of all this carnage, when things might as well be at their worst, Yoshiharu is stripped of his rank, his subordinates and banished to Ise to try and negotiate with Nobuna's most unruly retainer Kazumasu Takigawa, who might be plotting to rebel.

Harem King ArcEdit

Volumes: 6

In the aftermath of the Mount Hiei incident, Nobuna faces distrust from a cult called the Nyankousou, a group of people, mostly girls, who worship cats. Yoshiharu and Louise Frois set out to negotiate with the cult, and they succeed. the cult will no longer rise against the Oda clan, their only terms: Yoshiharu has to stay with them indefinitely. Naturally Nobuna's response is to threaten to burn their entire temple to the ground if she doesn't get her "Saru" back.

Confronting the Tiger ArcEdit

Volume: 7

To defeat the Azai-Asakura Alliance once and for all, Nobuna and Yoshiharu sneak into foreign territory in order to recruite the most unlikely of allies: Takeda Shingen herself. However, their plan is hindered, firstly by the unexpected arrival of Juubei, and secondly, Takeda is dealing with her own problems right now and the name of the one causing said problems is Date Masamune.

Return of the Ashikage Shogunate ArcEdit

Volumes: 8-9

Yoshiharu, now a Daimyou himself, is ordered to take the lands of Harima. Ukita Noie is ordered to enter and conquer Harima by the Ashikage's successor, who oposes the new Imagawa Shoganate Nobuna established after the Ashikage were forced to flee. Meanwhile, as always, plots thicken around the now isolated Nobuna herself.

Current Arc Edit

In the aftermath of the previous battle, Yoshiharu and Nobuna rest up, prepare for the next battle and meet in secret, however, they're interrupted by the arrival of Kennyo, who has lost her powers and all authority over the Nyankousou. Kennyo's younger sister, Kyonya, has thus taken over the cult and intends to spread its influence across the country through force. Finally fed up with Konoe's meddling, Nobuna confronts the Kampaku directly. Nobuna takes on a young retainer as her younger sister, however, this new addition to her forces appears to have alternative plans when compared to Nobuna herself.