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Nobuna Oda's alliance victorious.

The alliance of Nobuna Oda refers to a coalition of several factions, clans, Daiymos, samurai and Christians under the leadership of Nobuna Oda, head of the Oda clan, whose ultimate goal is to conquer and pacify Japan. At the moment they control Tokaido and central Japan with the capital Kyoto. Notable members, besides Daiymo Nobuna Oda, are Yoshiharu Sagara, general Inuchiyo Maeda, general Hanbei Takenaka, general Nagahide Niwa, general Katsuie Shibata, Goemon Hachisuka, general Mitsuhide "Jubei" Akechi, Shogun Yoshimoto Imagawa, Daiymo Dosan Saito, Daiymo Motoyasu Matsudaira, Louise Frois, Bontenmaru and the spirit Zenki.


Like the Miyoshi Three, another alliance in Japan, Nobuna Oda's alliance has gained the offical permission and legitimation to unite Japan under its rule by several instances:

  • Imagawa Shogunate - Even though the shogun, as well as the empress, has become nothing but a figurehead over the time, she is still the offical head of the government and thus her legitimation still has enormous significance. The current Shogun, Yoshimoto Imagawa, is a supporter of the Oda Faction and their ally. Hence, the alliance reclaims Japan in her name.
  • Empress Himiko - A god for her people, empress Himiko is the offical ruler of Japan. She sympathizes with the alliance, but, however, due to the restrictions of the imperial court (which is an ally of the Miyoshi Three) cannot make this offical. However, the Empress also does not hinder the ambitions of Nobuna Oda.
  • People of Japan - Since Nobuna is one of the few populist Daiymos of Japan and also cares deeply for her subjects, she is very popular among the common Japanese. It is obvious that many of them wish her to succeed.

Member factions[]

The Oda Faction[]

Oda mon.png

By far the largest faction of the alliance, the Oda Faction is the main force of the alliance. Led by Nobuna Oda, the Oda Faction is also the most powerful faction of the Tokaido region and has an extreme powerful and modern army, including many elite-samurai and ninjas as well as its famous arquebusiers. Due to Nobuna's retainer Yoshiharu Sagara who is from the future the Oda also gained superior knowledge and could use it to expand their empire.

The Akechi clan[]

Akechi mon.png

The Akechi clan is led by Mitsuhide "Jubei" Akechi. As small and poor clan without large estates, the Akechi served several factions until they became part of the Saito and later on, the Oda Faction. Remarkably, one of the first known warlord princesses, Jubei's mother, was from the Akechi clan. The Akechi are cunning, enduring warriors and are valued as soldiers and retainers by Nobuna Oda.

The Saito clan[]

Saito mon.png

Originally its own faction, the Saito clan was extreme powerful and dominated central Japan, but after the decision of the clan head and founder Dosan Saito to impute the Saito territory to Nobuna Oda, his son Yoshitatsu Saito rebelled, plunging the clan into a catastrophic civil war. Even though Yoshitatsu was defeated, both loyalists and rebels suffered massive losses. To survive, the clan became a vassal of the Oda, meeting the wishes of Dosan. The Saito clan controls the Mino province.

The Matsunaga clan[]

Matsunaga mon.png

The Matsunaga clan is a extremely extraordinary clan, since many of its members and servants are Persian or half-Persian. Due to this, they also fight with unusual methods, notably war elephants, illusion and magic. As barbarians and sorcerers, the clan as well as its head, Hisahide "Danjyou" Matsunaga, were despised and hated by most of the Japanese Daimyos. This was the reason why the clan joined the Miyoshi Three. However, after their defeat during the Battle at Kiyomizu Temple, Danjyou betrayed the Miyoshi and joined the Oda faction as vassal, retainer and strategist. The Matsunaga clan claim the Yamato province as their possession.

The Imagawa clan[]

Ashikaga-Imagawa mon.png

After the Battle of Okehazama, the Imagawa clan fell from power and became a insignificant vassal of the Oda. The clan, whose territories are currently controlled by the Oda and Mikawa faction has no particular army anymore. However, the Imagawa regained importance with the declaration of the clan head, Yoshimoto Imagawa, as Shogun of Japan. Current territories of the Imagawa include parts of the Suruga province, as well as the whole Yamashiro province with the capital Kyoto.

Sagara Corps[]

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Following Sagara Yoshiharu's rise to Daimyo, he officially gained status and a region of his own and is capable of acting as a general without superceeding power from Nobuna herself or another general. Yoshiharu has also managed to garner several capable retainers of his own, including the two most capable strategists in Japan, Kuroda Kanbei and Takenaka Hanbei, and the ninja, Goemon, who leads a group of former thieves called the Kawanami Group, and a powerful warrior in the form of Yamanaka Shikanosuke.

The Mikawa Faction[]

Tokugawa mon.png

The Mikawa Faction, led by Motoyasu Matsudaira, is named after the province it controls. The Mikawa were vassals of the Imagawa until the Battle of Okehazama, but after Yoshimoto's defeat, Motoyasu gained independence by Nobuna Oda and joined her alliance. The Mikawa are a powerful faction, even though their army is rather small. It is the military genius of Motoyasu Matsudaira and her elite ninja corps which make the the faction strong. The Mikawa often use ambushes and sabotage to turn the battle in their favor.

The Christian Faction[]

Christian mon.png

The Christian Faction, notably the Christian people's army, the Takayama clan, and the Konishi clan are allied to the Oda because of their religion. As Christians they are hated by the most Japanese. Nobuna Oda, as the only known non-Christian and non-Barbarian Daiymo who supports Christianty and foreigners is the only one who can help them to survive the brutish wars. Therefore, they support her, while she protects them from the hate of the other factions.