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First aired in July 9, 2012 through September 24, 2012, the series is a collaborative production by Studio Gokumi and Madhouse, as well as directed by Yuji Kumazawa, scripted by Masami Suzuki, and music-placement by Yasuharu Takanashi.→[1]

The anime was adapted from the light novels, which were written by Mikage Kasuga and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. The story of the series centers around Japan's civil war, also known as the Sengoku Period (The Warring States).

Episodes Edit

There are 12 total episodes of the series and there seems to be no indication of a second season. The opening song of the series is "Link" by Aimi and the ending song is "Hikari" (Light) by Makino Mizuta.

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  4. Episode 4: "Winds of Change! Okehazama!"
  5. Episode 5: "Strategy of the Genius Tactician!"
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  7. Episode 7: "Nobuna Advances onto Kyoto"
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  12. Episode 12: "Conquest"

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